For more information on TeaClassics' Business Consultation and Tea Sommelier Services, please contact: info@tea-classics.com or call 818-501-9925.

TeaClassics' Business Education and Training Programs offer staff training for restaurants, tea shops, specialty gift stores and food & beverage companies.   Staff Education & Training programs vary in topics, training length and duration/frequency depending on the individual business needs.  In-house tea sommelier training can also be included in the staff education, either as part of the main training or as an add-on.

TeaClassics also works with our clients to design a custom tea program for business, either as a completely new offering or as an enhancement/expansion of what is currently offered.   Working closely with our clients, TeaClassics' Tea Program services include Needs Assessment,  Selection of best-suited teas for inclusion in the newly designed tea offerings,  Recommendations on tea presentations and service, Development of tea & food pairing suggestions for menu inclusion, and best-use food service tea wares selection.   Additionally, we serve as our clients' ongoing educational resource and "Go-To" source for tea information.

At its core, we help our clients build and expand a tea program that best reflects the company's philosophy and core business mission, thus creating a cost-effective, revenue generating and highly appealing tea service offerings for their unique customer base.

For more information or to schedule an initial consultation, please send an email to: 
info@tea-classics.com  or call us directly at  (818) 501-9925