For more information on tea classes and certification programs, send inquiries to: teaclass@tea-classics.com.

TeaClassics provides a comprehensive tea education program, from one-on-one private instruction to group classes and one-hour workshops or weekend seminars to multi-semester certification courses, on a variety of topics including:

  • ABCs of Tea
  • Cooking with Teains
  • From Garden to Cup
  • Tea and Culinary Pairings
  • Advanced Tea Studies
  • The Rainbow of Greens
  • Creating a BeauTEAful Life!
  • The Art of Tea Ceremonies
  • Tea Tastings and Tea Cuppings
  • Black Teas of China, India & Sri Lanka
  • Artisanal vs. Machine Manufacture of Teas
  • Herbals, Tisanes & Creating Your Blends
  • Stories of a Leaf: World Tea Cultures
  • Hosting Your Next Tea Gathering
  • Tea Trend Implicationf for Businesses
  • Tea Tours to COuntries of Origin

Classes are offered either in private or semi-private sessions as well as in a larger group     classroom settings.                     Most workshops  can generally be tailored to meet the specific needs of each group.  The wide range of tea and related topic classes are available for students of all ages, backgrounds and levels of tea experience.

For students interested in a more intensive course of tea study, TeaClassics offers a rigorous certification curriculum, designed for individuals who want to embark on a more formal and involved tea journey.   Available to interested students of all backgrounds and levels of tea experience; it should be noted that this is more appropriate for those with not only a strong desire to learn, but also possessing equally strong resolve to make a commitment to the program.   If interested, please ask us for more details.

For more information on tea classes and certification programs, send inquiries to: teaclass@tea-classics.com.   To book Yoon Hee Kim for speaking engagements, tea tastings or tea ceremony presentations, please contact: info@tea-classics.com